Bart Davis


Bart’s corporate experience in institutional sales and technology as a Vice President with J.P. Morgan, and Northern Trust Company before that, proved to be a skill set that would be extremely beneficial to all three of the john greene companies. Initially focusing on rebuilding the infrastructure and ultimately all client-facing technologies for the company, Bart’s role as Chief Information and Technology Officer provided a unique opportunity to study the overall real estate market and build expertise in many areas. In 2012, Bart began focusing his efforts in the commercial industry to become an advisor in many of the vertical spaces including office, medical and retail. Bart graduated from Illinois State University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. 

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1311 S. IL-59 Naperville, IL 60564
Office: 630.229.2290
Cell: 312.310.0771

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1311 S. IL-59 Naperville, IL 60564


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